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The Company

Tour Cofrade is a young company dedicated to show, teach and transmit one of the greatest traditions of the city of Seville: the Easter.

For this, we have specific routes throughout the year where we visited temples, brotherhoods, workshops and all points of the city associated with one of the most important celebrations of the city.

Tour Cofrade, will do each route a unique and unrepeatable experience, composed of young graduates in History and Art History, brethren and extremely knowledgeable about the city.

Transmitting to tourists our Easter through the senses.

The Routes

Our routes run through key points of Sevillian Easter, trying to convey the idiosyncrasies of our big week.

Each tour visit churches and worship and processional images, making our group visits from the same point.

After visits to places of worship, visitors learn about the other part of our Easter, with the help of a local sculptor and his work.

Esperanza macarena


If in doubt, incidental or wish to contact us, you can do the following ways:

E-mail: info@tourcofrade.com

Phone: 637 48 59 13

Monday to Friday: 10:00-21:00
Saturday and Sunday: 10:00-16:00

Our Team
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