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Cristo de la Expiración

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Offered to visit the four points of the Holy Week in Seville Triana, Basilica of the Holy Christ of the Expiration, the Church of O, the Chapel of the Star, and the Chapel of the Mariners. The visits will be coordinated by graduates in History and Art History from the University of Sevilla guides, using on transportation as a means of transport, minibuses.

As a complement to our TourCofrade, to begin our route we will visit the studio of a famous sculptor, Jesús Méndez Lastrucci.

El Cachorro

Stmo Basilica. Christ the End. The original chapel of the Sponsorship data from the late seventeenth century, when in 1689 it merged into the Brotherhood of Patronage and the Christ of the Expiration, leading to the current Pontifical and Royal and Illustrious Brotherhood of Nazarene Brotherhood of the Holy Christ Expiration and Our Mother and Lady of Patronage in its pain and glory. Current hood is formed by two temples that are attached in parallel. On February 22, 2012, Pope Benedict XVI lifted the temple to the category of minor Basilica, the fourth temple in Seville to receive this dignity.

Church O. The present church of O has its origins in an ancient hermitage-hospital dedicated to St. Brigit of Kildare, run by a Brotherhood with the same dedication, according to documents of the fifteenth century are preserved. It began to be practiced contemplation of the mystery of Expectation of Our Lady, an ancient title for the Virgin Mary pregnant and awaiting delivery (invocations of the O and Hope). In the late seventeenth century, and due to the small size of the chapel and its poor condition, it was decided to build a new temple. The church was completed in 1702, being formally inaugurated in February of that year. Anecdotally, we can say that the Brotherhood of the O was the first of Triana cross the old bridge of boats, which occurred in 1830, to do penance station to the Cathedral of Seville. In 1911 the church acquired the status of parish seat, the only Seville erected as such in a temple of private property, it belongs to the Brotherhood and not the Diocese; being also the second parish erected in the suburb of Trian

Esperanza macarena

Chapel of the Star. The year was 1560 when it was founded in Triana, in a chapel of the convent of Victory belongs to the Minimum Friars of San Francisco de Paula, a brotherhood of light under the patronage of Our Lady of the Star. In 1570, the community of friars gave the Brotherhood a site next to the church for a chapel, like yielded in the other Chapel inside the temple in order that there be placed images and to celebrate their festivities cultivate and gaskets.

In 1644, in the neighborhood of Triana, in the chapel of an existing there old Hospital under the title of Our Lady of Candelaria, a devout man named Granado Diego Mosquera, he founded a brotherhood called the Punishment of Christ Our Lord , Triunfo de la Cruz and Amparo of Mary. The brotherhood styled chapel at his own expense but it was so small that at Easter steps were installed in the chapel itself because in those days there were occupying the brothers of the Candelaria.

At the initiative of Diego Granado, brotherhood of Sorrows conceived merger with Star. Thus, the brothers of Sorrows in General Cabildo held on June 17, 1674, agreed to its junction with the Star, who also took Cabildo merger agreement on June 21 of that year. Thus, the July 15, 1674, the brotherhoods jointly awarded merger deed before the notary public Hernando Gómez de Frías, also agreeing drafting new rules that would form the best of both. The resulting brotherhood be titled "Our Lady of the Star, Santo Cristo de las Penas, Triunfo del Santo Lignum Crucis and San Francisco de Paula"

Esperanza de triana

Chapel of the Mariners. It is the headquarters of the Brotherhood of Hope of Triana. It was built in 1759 in the same place that had been the chapel of the College of Merchants of Seville. After the French occupation was secularized and turned into a warehouse, becoming also Anglican church and theater. In 1953 the Brotherhood of Hope decides his recovery, and work began in 1958. The blessing took place in 1962 and the Good Friday of that year the brotherhood ended his penitential season in its new headquarters. In 2010 extension works through the purchase by the Brotherhood of farms adjacent to the chapel began. In the comprehensive reform of the temple two new altarpieces and modern security systems for images included. After the works, the April 29, 2010, the chapel was blessed by Juan José Asenjo Pelegrina, archbishop of Seville.

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Sculptor's Workshop
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